Saturday, June 15, 2013

9 - With a flower on her ankle...

Having seen the second of three tattoos and still with the
threat (?) of a smacking, the following exchange took place.
The tit comment alludes to a nipple ring.

A woman with a flower on her ankle
Believed that the threat of a spank’ll
Discourage the viewer,
From base thinking impure,
But the result was dribble, by the tankfull.

A woman showed a flower on her ankle,
An honour and not one to rankle.
And it was a nice tat,
I have to say that,
But doesn’t excite as much as a spank’ll.

A fellow, expecting to be smacked,
Was challenged to show tit for a tat!
The decision was tough
But he called her bluff
And escaped with his honour intact.

A return shot:

A man kept his secret well hidden
But with every step he was bidden
As it swung to and fro
To remember the glow
Of the pleasure and pain it was givin'..

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